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AASD Staff

AASD Staff

Nzingha Dugas

Nzingha Dugas

Director & Academic Coordinator

S. Nzingha Dugas is a 19-year staff member of UC Berkeley in the area of academic student support, multicultural student development, student affairs, undergraduate and graduate student services and development. At Berkeley, she serves as one of the Directors in the Multicultural Student Development Offices in the area of African American Student Development.

In her role as the AASD Director, Nzingha serves as an advisor to students, staff, faculty and the administration regarding the needs and concerns specifically of the Black student community and generally of the multicultural student community through advising, teaching, research and resource opportunities, workshops, presentations, conferencing, and committee work.

Nzingha also serves an academic coordinator for students. As an AC, she facilitates a fall and spring seminar on navigating the university through a multicultural lens, trains students on leadership development and implements several academic, social and cultural retention programs. She follows and monitors 50-75% of the incoming African American class to ensure 1st and 2nd year success.

Her current academic and community efforts include: creating an academic advisory panel to study and increase student retention, establishing faculty, staff and peer mentoring teams for newly enrolled students, and doing multicultural student political awareness training. She is the President of JDOTT—The John D. O'Bryant National Think Tank for Black Professionals in Higher Education—an African American networking organization tied to the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. She has served as a member of the Berkeley Initiative for Leadership Development, sat on dozens of committees and task forces on diversity, and student development and matriculation, and has participated extensively in diversity education and training. Her primary areas of interest and expertise include: coaching, student leadership and development, outreach, retention, and multicultural student coalition building. She has been active in supporting the student voice for 25 years and has been keynote and facilitator for several student leadership programs as well as doing trainings, seminars and workshops focusing on leadership and multicultural student development. She is passionately dedicated to student leadership and empowerment.

Crashelle Jackson

Finance and Office Coordinator

*Major:  African American Studies/ American Studies; 2nd Year

*PROMISE TO COMMUNITY:  Love  Time  Kindness  100% Effort



Teacher Assistant for AAS 98

*Major: Psychology & MEB; 3rd Year

*PROMISE TO COMMUNITY: Conversation  Knowledge  Kindness  Patience

Valerie Codier-Rice

*Major: Astrophysics; 2nd Year

*PROMISE TO COMMUNITY:  Time  Respect  Optimism   

Morgan Stelly

Program Logistics Coordinator

*Major: Environmental Science; 3rd Year

*PROMISE TO COMMUNITY: Time  Love  Loyalty

Lauren Ruffin

Multicultural Center Liaison

*Major: Peace & Conflict Studies

*PROMISE TO COMMUNITY: Commitment to creating connections and friendships throughout our community and  across different communities


Anita Agoh

Executive Assistant

*Major: MCB; 2nd Year

*PROMISE TO COMMUNITY: Time  Loyalty  Joy  Style of Work

Zina Ogunnaya

Blackboard, Web, and Public Relations Coordinator

*Major: Public Health & Social Welfare

* PROMISE TO COMMUNITY: Time  Love  Good Energy  Warm Spirit  Understanding